About us

30 years of professional printing experience

As one of the first private printing houses established in Bucharest, the Smart Print team has an uninterrupted experience of 30 years in the field of offset printing.

We offer offset printing services, binding and finishing operations. We also include small and large digital printing.

Today we print on very high productivity machines, in 5 printing units (5 colors in line), Heidelberg Speedmaster and Roland Man, sheet sizes: 35×50, 50×70 and 70×100 cm. The machines cover prints between 200 and 20,000 leaflets or 1,000,000 labels.

All ancillary finishing operations: thread binding and book and magazine binding, stamping, embossing, lamination, selective varnish, automatic gluing of boxes are also carried out on high-performance automatic machines.

Using high productivity machines, we have reduced production costs and execution times, so that we can offer you very competitive prices without compromising on quality. In addition, due to the large volume of works performed, we obtain substantial discounts from suppliers, which are reflected in our prices.

We built the business from the beginning on the concept of maximum quality and now, thanks to the machines we print on, as well as the experience gained in these 30 years of exclusive offset printing activity, we can say that we have reached the maturity of the business and that we continue to offer the highest quality, constantly and at a new level.

In these years, we have learned the importance of quality control management, which we exercise in the most professional way, in order to maintain our earned reputation in terms of quality. Next, as on the first day, we personally check and give ”Bun de tipar (Good to print)” to the printing operator at the printing machines department.

But perhaps the most important thing I learned is the need for permanent communication with clients. In order to be able to better understand and respond to their requirements, to be able to offer them the best technical solution and professional consultancy, we launched in January 2009 a customer service department under the name of Artix Plus, which can focus more on the needs and the demands of our customers.

Matei Fotiade – General Manager

Our clients

Benefits of SmartPrint

We offer printing consulting to our clients

Since 2009 we have established a customer service department in order to have more time and availability to listen to the requirements of our customers and respond accordingly.

We deliver in Romania and throughout Europe

We deliver for free in most of Bucharest. For our customers in the country and in Europe, we provide reliable and safe delivery services through partner courier companies.

We check files before production

Before sending a job to production, we make sure each file is properly crafted and good for print. Any problem encountered is brought to the customer's attention along with viable solutions.

We make calibrated digital proofs

At the client's request, we offer calibrated digital proofs, to guarantee the satisfaction of an excellent result, without unwanted surprises at the end. Proofreading and possibly correcting digital material before it goes into production is essential.


SmartPrint is among a small number of printers in Bucharest with 30 years of professional experience which offers technical support to the customers in order to be able to choose only the optimal solutions.

Frequent questions

Our assistants have a lot of experience and are willing to listen to your requirements in order to always find the most effective solutions that will bring you the satisfaction of a professionally executed work of the highest quality at the lowest costs.
The satisfaction of our customers is our most important goal to ensure a reliable and long-lasting relationship.

In most cases we send you the offer the same day, in about 2-3 hours. However, during busy periods the delivery of the offer may take longer.

You can download a file below or read the "Technical Tips" section about the parameters that the graphic designer who prepares the files for printing must take into account. The files will then be checked by our specialist staff before going to press.