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Which printer should I choose? What risk? How should I choose it?

It's no secret that the vast majority of printers are competitive only on a few types of work, but they don't refuse even those orders for which they can't give the best offer. That's why you can end up in situations where you pay a higher price than normal, because you have no time to compare and no time to look for the most advantageous solution.

The limited range of products that a printing house can produce in a truly competitive way is given by the equipment it owns and the experience of the staff. It is understandable, then, that a client who searches randomly has no way of getting good prices for all the things he needs. In principle, you should choose one printing house for a book and another printing house for a cardboard box or a paper bag, which requires a long experience and collaborations with many printing houses. Too often you don't get the best price or the maximum quality for the works you print precisely for these reasons. Which is the solution? You have two options: either you spend a lot of time with a market research, followed by the verification of the quality of the services, with the risks of rigor, or you look for an experienced printing house, which has at its disposal enough high-performance machines, suitable for the works you need.

Smart Print, with over 20 years of experience in the field of professional offset printing, has at its disposal a wide variety of machines, selected for the best technical performance and with very high productivity at low costs. Our main products are albums, catalogs and art books in polychrome, in parallel with advertising prints: brochures, leaflets, folders, calendars, posters, etc., with which we initially created our reputation. With the help of our office and our customer service and print management department, Artix Plus, created in 2009, we got closer to the customer, increasing our order processing capacity. The result is that the range of products that you can find on our website today offers competitive solutions guaranteed at the highest quality standards.

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Benefits of SmartPrint

We offer printing consulting to our clients

Since 2009 we have established a customer service department in order to have more time and availability to listen to the requirements of our customers and respond accordingly.

We deliver in Romania and throughout Europe

We deliver for free in most of Bucharest. For our customers in the country and in Europe, we provide reliable and safe delivery services through partner courier companies.

We check files before production

Before sending a job to production, we make sure each file is properly crafted and good for print. Any problem encountered is brought to the customer's attention along with viable solutions.

We make calibrated digital proofs

At the client's request, we offer calibrated digital proofs, to guarantee the satisfaction of an excellent result, without unwanted surprises at the end. Proofreading and possibly correcting digital material before it goes into production is essential.